An Updated Overview On Quick Plans For Shopping Sites

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Walking up the street, we pass – not in order – Under the Blue Moon restaurant, the Chestnut Hill Bike Shop, Frank’s Barber Shop, Marion’s Girl and Boy Shop, and an ice cream parlor that was called Not Only Ice Cream (but wasn’t it only ice cream?), which is now Bredenbeck’s.  I remember seeing the Wanamaker Lewis Trio play as I ate dinner at the little restaurant that was the Spice Shop. In high school, I often shared chocolate fondue at the Cheese Cellar (which is now the Chestnut Grill) and, in college, I sometimes ate dessert at A Slice of Heaven (now King’s Garden). Jenks was, and still is, in the next block, and a good friend and I would hit tennis balls against the school wall, long before it was covered with a tile mosaic and before there was a playground. O’Donnell’s was still a stationery shop. I loved the creaky floors and inventory on the shelves in its original boxes. Fiesta Pizza was there, and I got many a take-out order of spaghetti and a hunk of garlic bread for $2. Serendipity was on the next corner, where J. McLaughlin is now. I bought one thing there with a gift card I received for my high school graduation.

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